Thursday, September 01, 2011

15:00 - 16:30  Clinical Assessment and fMRI in Pediatric Populations

Behavioral Activation for Depressed Teens: Using fMRI to Characterize Adolescent Depression and Improve Personalized Medicine
Lorie Ritschel1; E.M. Tone2; J.L. Cooley1; C.S. Sheppard1; W.E. Craighead1
1Emory University School of Medicine, United States; 2Georgia State University, United States

Effects of Prenatal Maternal Depression on the Neurodevelopment of Social Cognition in Children Aged 4-6 using fMRI
A.K. Anderson-Zose1; A. Muralidharan1; E. Tone2; G.A. James3; J. Cisler3; C.D. Kilts3; W.E. Craighead1
1Emory University, United States; 2Georgia State Univ., United States; 3University of Arkansas, Medical Sciences, United States

Diagnostic Assessment of At-Risk Children of Depressed Mothers, Aged 4-6
A. Muralidharan1; A.K. Anderson-Zose1; C. Kilts2; W.E. Craighead1
1Emory University, United States; 2University of Arkansas for Medical Sciences, United States